For Piano and cooking pots

(in concert : Resistencia femenina, « El violador es…eres…eras… »)

Suite “Impact, your eyes, your rights” for piano, pots and spoon. Homage to the  more than 300 people who have suffered eye injuries inflicted by police munitions. This is a Collective composition in  international solidarity  by  Hèctor Parra  (Spain) « Reñma » (de frente) sobre poemas de Leonel Lienlaf,  Esteban Benzecry (Argentina) « Ojos »,  Marco Perez-Ramirez (Chile) « Marrichihueu (hommage to ‘primera línea’) »,  Nicolas Tzortzis (Greece) « Reportage », Ramón Gorigoitía (Chile) « Contodosinopaké » y Cristina Vilallonga (Spain) « Hierve la noche (toque de queda en Chile) ». En curso de composición : Gabriela Ortiz, (México), Macarena Rosmanich (Chili), Philippe Leroux, (Francia), Patricio Wang, (Chile),  Jeremias Iturra (Chile),  Luis Naon (Argentina), Andrian Pertout (Australia-Chile), Félix Cárdenas (Chile) and Daniel Osorio (Germany-Chile).

World première took place on february 1st, at Chatelet theater in Paris.

Concert in London, march 31:


Hosted by Amnesty UK and Asamblea Chilena en Londres

Asamblea Chilena en Londres, emerged in October 2019 in solidarity with the social uprising in Chile, and to protest the Human Rights violations perpetrated by the security forces. Chilean military and police forces have been accused of excessive use of force against protesters, resulting in life changing injuries, along with acts of torture and rape, all of which have been accredited by Amnesty International and other Human Rights organisations.

We met Amnesty UK shortly after the Amnesty International mission left Chile in November 2019. We agreed to set up a joint event to raise awareness of Human Rights violations in Chile and to celebrate the role played by music and culture in the Chilean social movement.

On March 31, at the Swiss Church in London, we will come together to discuss the situation in Chile and Human Rights in South America. Graham Minter, Amnesty UK’s coordinator for South America will be one of our speakers, and we will welcome the Chilean pianist Maria Paz Santibañez.

Maria Paz, who was herself injured in the 80’s under the dictatorship, will be playing a Suite for piano, pots and spoon called “Impact, your eyes, your rights” in homage to the now more than 400 people who have suffered eye injuries inflicted by police munitions. This is a collective creation in 9 movements composed by Hèctor Parra , Esteban Benzecry, Marco Perez-Ramirez, Nicolas Tzortzis, Macarena Rosmanich, Cristina Vilallonga, Patricio Wang, Gabriela Ortiz, Philippe Leroux  and Jeremias Iturra

The program is still under preparation but there will be other speakers as well as projections of protest images, and art exhibitions. The event will also be a fundraiser for the Assembly. Drinks and snacks will be available.

Date and location:

March 31 2020

from 18:00 to 21:00 at The Swiss Church in London: 79 Endell Street, London WC2H 9DY

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